Greener 800G/NDR AI Clusters Copper and AOC Interconnects

Lower Power, Lower Latency, Better Performance

Unlocking the Copper & CU+ Optical Connectivity Potential for AI/ML

Wandtec’s mission is to drive the IT infrastructure in being greener and more affordable. By driving the datacenter copper cabling to $0.05/Gbps in comparison to the industry’s $1.00/Gbps for optics. We are able to help the world lower the total cost of the datacenter operation 10%+. As of today, we proudly claim that we have reached this goal on the largest market volume 100G Ethernet DAC series. 

Wandtec’s 800G OSFP/QSFP-DD800 series DAC, ACC, AEC, and AOC offers the lowest power consumption in the industry with proven 10x better BER than OIF-CEI, IEEE, and InfiniBand. The most flexible, Hairtail(tm) Bundled Twinax technology help AI clusters and Datacenter builders the ease of high-density cable management.