World's First Software-defined 25G+ Interconnect Manufacturer

Unlocking the Copper & CU+ Optical interconnect Potential for Tb/s

Wandtec’s mission is to drive the IT infrastructure in being greener and more affordable. By driving the datacenter copper cabling to $0.05/Gbps in comparison to the industry’s $1.00/Gbps for optics. We are able to help the world lower the total cost of the datacenter operation 10%+. As of today, we proudly claim that we have reached this goal on the largest market volume 100G Ethernet DAC series. We are expecting the 50G/200G/400G PAM4 series will help us reach our $0.05/Gbps in 2023

Software-defined Engineering and Manufacturing

Empowered by our software-defined engineering and manufacturing platform, Wandtec delivers beyond industry-standard performance and cost-competitive high-speed interconnect solutions, addressing the signal integrity challenges from concepts through production.

• Conceptual modeling based on interconnect footprint/mating interface library

• Engineering modeling and simulation based on 3D structural design and channel signal integrity compliance

• Production process modeling and automation based on modular processing techniques

• In-line simulation and modeling based on big-data, physical modeling, and artificial intelligence

• 123210 operation principle to ensure customer’s satisfactions are well met

New Product

800G OSFP/QSFPDD Direct Attached Cable

• 1m and 2m passive cable compliant to IEEE 802.3ck drafts • Proprietary WDT-CDR twinax technology • Advanced cable termination process for um tolerance management • >4.0dB Channel Operator Margin • Enhanced mechanical reliability for high mating cycle and tight bending