Direct Attached Cable

Direct Attached Cable (Passive)

• Supports SFP/QSFP/DSFP/SFP-DD/QSFP-DD/OSFP form factors up to 8×100 Gbps aggregated data rates

• Hairtail bundled Twinax technology offers most flexible and lightest cable in the industry

• Extended reach for 25G/100G up to 6.0m passive (Industry Best Practice: 5.0m)

•Extended reach for 50G/200G/400G SFP56/QSFP56/DFP/SFPDD/QSFPDD/OSFP up to 4.0m passive (Industry Best Practice: 3.0m)

•800G OSFP 800G/QSFPDD800 and 400G QSFP112/OSFP NDR supports 1.0m/2.0m/3.0m reach with the latest IEEE 802.3ck & CMIS 4.0 compliance

• Custom builds available with increased flexibility, higher environmentally friendly materials, and more…