About Us

Wandtec now offers IP/Technology licensing, contract manufacturing services to expedite the 800G commercialization.

Innovation and Execution Makes Differences

Wandtec dedicates to high-speed copper, hybrid copper and optical and high-speed interconnect module technology innovation, IP/Technology licensing, and contract manufacturing services. .

Our innovation is software-defined engineering and manufacturing enables the finest processing techniqures of copper cable interconnects at um scale, which minimizes the discontinuity where the three-dimensional transitions of the combination of PCB, Twinax (Micro-coax), Connectors, Optical-Engine, and/or fiber playing critical roles in the performance. In-line simulation and modeling, 100% testing and data tracking, artificial intelligence, and automation set our foundation of product performance and reliability excellence.


123210 Commitment Powered by SDE and SDM

With operations in both the USA and China, Wandtec’s 123210 operation principle shortens customers’ time-to-market by 30 to 50%


Our 12310 Commitment

• 1 day response of feasibility evaluation

• 2-day response of RFQ

• 3-day response of conceptual designs and drawings

• 2-week of engineering samples delivery

• 1-month of production lead-time

• 0 defect of in line performance 100% tested products