AI Clusters Cabling: 100G/200G/400G/800G

Direct Attached Cable • Active Optical Cable • Active Direct Attached Cable • Loopback Testers

Support all formfactors adopted in the AI Clusters/Datacenters: SFP, QSFP, DSFP, NGSFP, SFP-DD, QSFP-DD, OSFP

Connectivity solutions from 1mm to100m+

Loopback Testers: Switch/NIC ports testing

10G-800G loopback testers minimize the equipment validation and testing efforts with support up to 2000 mating cycle. The cost-saving testers both equipment makers and datacenter operators to ramp up production quickly.

Direct Attached Cable: Intra-rack & Inter-rack cabling up to 10m

Direct Attached Cable (DAC) offers plug and play deployment without going through labor intensive connecting, matching, and testing while offering low cost, low power, and low latency to maximize the datacenter performance up to 10m for 10Gbps-800Gbps.

Active Cable: Extending DAC for 3.0m-10.0m extra length

Active direct attached cable inherits the benefits of low-cost, plug-n-play, easy maintenance, and lower power consumption than optics. Active direct attached cable aka (AEC, ACC, ADAC) extends the DAC reach for 3.0~10.0m extra depending on speed and supports 10Gbps-800Gbps applications. 

Active Optical Cable: Inter-rack cabling up to 100m

Active optical cable offers plug-n-play deployment for inter-rack cabling up to 100m. Our analogue circuits empowered with optical engine and passive alignment technology offers competitive advantages in power consumption, latency, and cost effectiveness.