DAC/AOC/ACC: Cabling for 10G & Beyond…

  • Hybrid 25G&10G Direct Attached Cable
  • 25G/100G SFP/QSFP Direct Attached Cable
  • Cost-effective 25G/100G Active Optical Cable
  • 50G/100G/200G/400G DSFP/QSFP/QDD Active Copper Cable
  • Industry-temperature 25G/100G Active Optical Cable & Pigtail, Single Mode
  • 50G/200G/400G SFP/QSFP/DSFP/SFP-DD/QSFP-DD/OSFP Direct Attached Cable
  • 800G OSFP/QSFP-DD Direct Attached Cable

The innovative design and manufacturing process for the direct attached cable enables the industry’s thinnest and cost-effective solutions supporting intra-rack and inter-rack cabling solutions at lowest power consumption and latency.

For extended reach up to 10.0m, our active direct attached cable (ACC or ADAC) features high-performance analogue IC powered adaptive equalization by monitoring the operating status. The higher than standard signal integrity performance ensures low BER and stable connectivity. Further, the low power consumption, low latency, plug-n-play, and cost-effectiveness features of the ADAC make the ADAC as the first choice for inter-rack connectivity solutions.

Active Direct Attached Cable Portolio

For connection spans up to 100m, our innovation in optical coupling and components packaging empowers the industry’s FIRST-EVER single mode fiber based industry temperature (-45 -85C) active optical cable and pigtails for outdoor/telecom and other harsh environment applications. Besides the single mode AOCs, a broad multimode VCSEL based 25G/100G AOC portolio is also offered to help customers get connected.

Active Optical Cable Portfolio

Further, to help the datacenter operators and equipment makers to rapidly ramp up their production and deployment, Wandtec, jointly with a Tier-1 switch makers, developed the Smartloop(tm) series loopback testers which emulate the functionalities of DAC, AOC, Optical Transceivers in terms of both Signal Integrity and Power Consumption. Another set of low cost LC-Loopback series, which emulates the Signal Integrity performance with 0-dB power consumption, are also developed for customers looking into lowering their testing/validation cost and shorten the time-to-market.

10G-800G Loopback Series